The Final Collection

Over the course of the semester I have finished my final body of work as a student at MassArt. The following photos are from my thesis show that is currently on exhibit at MassArt, myself and colleague, Emma (, have been working closely for the past three years in the fibers department. We both create work that is primarily location based or inspired, using dyeing or weaving as mediums, because of this our show is named Terroir. If you happen to be in the Boston area stop by MassArt North Crackatorium and take a peak. Below is my artist statement regarding the work. Enjoy!

My work in fibers investigates the personal relationships that I and others have with this material.  Cloth is an integral part of life and has a rich history in many cultures, providing the clothes on our backs and creating an environment in our homes.  Intrigued by this subtle dependence and bond we have with this material, I have been exploring the importance of cloth in my own life as well as others by creating fine hand made textiles that serve as both functional and decorative, adaptable to a variety of audiences.

    Inspired by the culture and architecture of Cuba, combined with interior elements, I am creating handmade textiles that interact with viewers and their given interiors. By using weaving and exploring materiality, I will further investigate how cloth interacts in a space and how viewers react to it in that environment. Pushing material, structure, and display, the cloth will have its own conversation with its surroundings including light, shape, orientation and climate, and in turn will effect viewers experience with the cloth.

    My work explores weaving as a tool for creation and structure as a voice for interaction, as well as making discoveries about the importance of cloth to its audience and environment. With, or without a function, the fabric holds a unique place in an interior leaving audiences to create a conversation with it.